domingo, 24 de octubre de 2010

The Indian Woman

Indian Women have changed their role through time. In the ancient, Indian culture was matriarchal; women used to be very important and they could learn everything they wanted to. While the time passed by, Indian Culture was becoming more patriarcal and women were losing their importance until they were treated like slaves (at the service of their husband) without educational rights.  Nowadays, Indian women after an extensive fight they are able to share equal rights with men. However, they still are discriminated.
Although India has grown in the last century, it has a several cultural problems, which have not shown any improvement. The role of the women in India has been excluded, because there are still a lot of abuses against women. Women not only have to tolerate discrimination and violence; they also have to be prepared to die before they born.  India is one of many countries of the world where the highest percent of the population is male.  Around 929 women per 1000 men and the life expectancy is lower for women than for men. More than 2, 5 millions of girls disappear every year (According to because families think that is more useful to educate men than women, so they kill them before or at the moment of birth. Although in 1994, the government of India forbade the abortion for gender issues and the use of technology in order to know the sex of the fetus. Nevertheless, the Indian police usually receives complaints about clandestine cemeteries where bones of fetuses and babies ´corpses are buried.  The Indian government has decided to build baby cribs in all the districts of the country, with the objective of saving the lives of millions of female babies who are abandoned by their parents.  Some people criticize this decision, but the government explains that it is better than having clandestine cemeteries.